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Default Re: DAO NPC alignments and thoughts in general

Originally Posted by robertthebard View Post
Morrigan: Chaotic Neutral with selfish tendencies. She also has the social graces of a rock, but considering where and how she was raised, and by whom, well it's not surprising.
I would certainly prefer her to be unreliable and quixotic than actually Evil. I don't really like being around truly anti-social and sociopathic people/characters.

But the problem is Morrigan doesn't display quixotic or unreliable behaviour. She's just bitchy and comtemptuous of anything you do that doesn't add to your power. I couldn't believe that she wanted me to make the deal with that demon for the Blood Magic specialty!! That REALLY caught me off guard, and was my first clue that she was going to be *difficult*. And then when she made me the "save the Wardens" offer I became convinced she was following a selfish agenda. That's why I chose Neutral Evil. Only in it for the money (in this case, power).

From the ending I get the impression she will be back in the expansion. We'll see what "Old God" power has done to her!
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