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I can understand it if people just don't like the Minscter's eccentric personality, that is why there is a varied personality base for players to choose from. But to degrade his fighting ability is somewhat shortsighted and suggests not properly supplying him. Next to my Kensai, the Minscter has the 2nd highest kill ratio in the game. He is a walking slaughterhouse. I liked Keldorn a lot, but he couldn't compare to a properly supplied Minsc, and Anomen was never in the group.
bpm, if you don't use archers/slingers and mages, then it is no wonder that you have problems with charm and confusion spells. Archers/slingers and mages casting magic missiles are the best spell disruptors in the game. It is rare that an enemy mage manages to successfully cast those spells against my party.
I have to agree that Korgan is the only NPC fighter that tops Minsc, and despite popular opinion I agree with Armisael, a properly equipped Jaheira ranks a close 3rd.
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