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The Hunter of Jahanna , Thank you for your detailed response!
I certainly agree with you on always keeping an open mind. I get into these posts and threads to learn more myself and to learn of peoples beliefs and countrys views on hot now-a-day subjects, going on popular mediums.

Ok, then; "Lastly I think that it is a little egocentric and insulting to think that the bible has the answers to how the universe was created. Who is to say that the Muslims , the Jews, the Buddists, the American Indians, or the Pagans are wrong in thier own religeous views of how the world was created."

You have got that right! I have really grown to study artifacts and stories of them concerning devotions, worship, sacrifice,...great human faith.
Yet and still its not that I feel, its a condition of humble heart I see.

Cristian science is a universal unilateral faith mybe almost close to this movement of the topic ..?

(Great post Sir Ken!)
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