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Originally posted by Azred:
Originally posted by Dramnek_Ulk:
If we were to start saying that Darwinism might untrue, we would logically also have to start teaching that Water might not always boil when you heat it to 100 degrees.
Water doesn't always boil at 100C. At higher elevations the boiling point is lower and if you add salt to the water the boiling point is higher.

I just thought I would throw in that useless trivia. [img]graemlins/petard.gif[/img]


Seriously, though. I fail to see how "intelligent design" is any different than Creationism; any "intelligence" sophisticated enough to actually design an entire universe, or even just a generic planet and its biosphere, might as well be called God.

It sounds like some sort of psuedo-intellectual fad to me, just like the various forms of "revisionist" history.
[/QUOTE]Heh! Can't forget pressure being the other part of the boiling point equation. If you add salt then it becomes a solution. You could heat water infinitely and still have it stay liquid as long as you had infinite pressure to keep it that way! Unfortunately, it's always going to be one or the other with Creationism and Darwinism. I believe they coexist myself. That evolution was the tool used for creation. Many refuse to beleive that the bible doesn't mean exactly what it says word for word literally. Metaphors don't exist in the bible apparently. The other side is sure that the universe exists simply because it does and that it's the sum of everything. Will they meet in the middle? Doubtful.
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