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A step backwards you say. .?

How do you feel about this statement then.---> If you are going to teach about the Darwinistic view that organisms may look like they are designed but weren't, then you have to allow for the possibility that they were designed also.

Federal law has long barred Washington from controling state and local school instructional content-a prohibition that has guarded by GOP lawmakers through the years. With little intension, however, that outright prohibition was weakened by congress in 1994 when it barred the federal government only from controlling "specific" state or local instructional matters.
The education bill enacted earlier this year also suggested that Washington could excersise some general control over state and local curricula but not require the teaching of specific subjects.

While Ohio is now the main battleground, in recent years legislatures or school boards in such states as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Hawaii, New Mexico, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Kansas have also been wrestling also with this issue.

Ulk, Sometimes I wonder why you are so strongly set in your mind that something greater could exist.? Intelligent-design theory apparently resonates with the public. A 2001 Zogby poll found that 71 % of those surveyed supported scientific evidence against evolution.
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