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Originally posted by Kaz:
Very good! Just out of interest, what do I look like?
*BUMP* more people should read this.

hmm, guess i forgot to post that... well, if i recall correctly (im doing this from memory, dont wanna sift through chapter 16 at all!) your a redhead with blue eyes... and you REALLY dont like Blood cause he's replacing your command, and he's a real sexist.

It's simple. Once the Planet is hurt, it gathers Spirit Energy to heal the injury. The amount of energy gathered depends on the size of the injury...What would happen if there was an injury that threatened the very life of the Planet? Think how much energy would be gathered! Ha, ha, ha. And at the center of that injury, wil be me. All that boundless energy will be mine. By merging with the energy of the Planet, I will be come a new life form, a new existence. Melding with the Planet, I will cease to exist as I am now. Only to be reborn as a 'God' to rule over every living soul.

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