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if you are in battle and want to use a Mana Stone, like amulets and etc, do this:

on the person's turn:
~~ click their little "use" icon that pops out of their portrait
~~ a list of personal items usable during battle will be highlighted and you will see "mana stone" as one of them.
~~ click the mana stone
~~ your cursor changes to a ?
~~ then you click on yourself or anyone in your party who needs to use the mana recharge

i beleive mana stones were in Wiz7, because many players reported being able to bring them over when they imported their parties into W8.

2nd OK.
i have personally recharge MANY items with charges by taking it down to 1 charge and in some cases, down to ZERO charges. the shopkeep buys them and recharges them. you buy them back from him. simple?!

3rd OK.
you can see the charges available easily. know how when you stack 5 pots of Heavy Heal there's a little WHITE number in the lower corner? same with the mana stone or anything with charges, except the number is BLUE.

also, if you have the right stats, you can sell an item, and buy it back for the same price so its no out of pocket money to recharge anything. if you are low level, then you may spend as much as $100 to do it.

::shrugs:: not too shabby?

hope this helps!

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