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Inspired by the time-honored thread at Wizards & Warriors, here is the thread for all those strategies and tips that you, the players, wish to offer for getting through Wizardry 8! (Acknowledgements to Wyvern for starting the first one at W&W). [img]smile.gif[/img]

Rules of the Road

    [*]All posts in here must be tip-related. No off-topic posts allowed...those will be deleted.[*]Only one tip per post.[*]If a tip exists already, don't repost it! Read through the thread to see if it has already been posted.[*]If you have an alternate strategy that works to what has been already posted, then that is an acceptable post.[*]If a tip contains a game spoiler, please put the standard spoiling space (20 blank lines or more) between the SPOILER ALERT message and the "spoil" so that readers can back out if they don't want to be spoiled.[/list]


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