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I'm playing through BGII for the first time. My party right now consists of:

Cerek (my character) Wizard Slayer

I will be finishing the de'Arnise Keep quest very soon. I was planning on traveling to Umar Hills next and getting Valygar in the party. I had Keldorn in the party long enough to do his family quest, and I'm thinking of picking him up again.

So, here is my question - given the party I have now, who should I add and who should I let go for the best results.
Minsc has chosen Aerie as his "new witch"(so I assume that both will go if I get rid of one) and I've chosen Jaheira as my romantic interest.

I definitely want to add Valygar, but I'm also interested in Keldorn (and Corsymar)and Imoen. Is it necessary that Imoed re-join the party?

Please let me know your thoughts on these characters strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for your time.

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