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Default internet connection

Hi. I just moved to a new place and am having a small problem connecting to the internet.

basically whenever I open a webpage for the first time, it takes very long to load. After it is loaded the connection in this page speed is very fast.

For example if I go to it takes long time to load, but after it does, I can navigate forums very easily and speed is great. Similarly google. First time I open it it takes long time. After it loads I can search and evrything pretty fast.

If I close browser and reopen it again takes webpage long to load.

Similarly when I download something. I takes some time to open the page, but once it does the download speed is great. For testing I downloaded the nwn patch file. 70MB in just under 10 mins is super fast compared to what I had in my old place.

Tried different browsers (IE7, firefox, opera), same thing.

I'm connected wirelessly through belkin wireless usb adapter.

Any suggestions?
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