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Lady Z, that was a really good post and hits alot of things right on the button for me. I agree, sometimes I won't even turn the news on because I'm just tired of the horror stories and overwhelming 'bad' that they seem to churn out daily. It's a treat and something worth NOTING when a good story with a good outcome is there so maybe they've got their priorities backwards.

I can understand your POV, Cerek and I think it's fairly close to my husband's, but I also think he'd stop short of slapping someone else's kid. Having said that, I think he and I would both be apt to act on such a situation. He'd most likely do some yelling and intimidating of the teens/pre-teens doing the bullying. Me, I'd tell them exactly what they were doing wrong and march them to their parents to repeat the speech! Assaulting or bullying a small child like that means they need some more parental intervention and fast, as far as I'm concerned! MAYBE they won't grow up to be criminals or abuse their girlfriends, small animals and store clerks etc if they get help/guidance.... but maybe not. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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