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Originally posted by Cerek:
Originally posted by Vaskez:
Originally posted by Cerek:
If someone every actually DID harm them...then I definitely would have no problem hunting them down and shooting them like a rabid dog.
Woops, there go your Christian principles (IIRC) out the window [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img] [/QUOTE]You're right, Vaskez, that is a direct violation of my Christian principles. But I have acknowledged this before and I know from personal experience how I react when my children are threatened. Had that boy actually kicked my son in the face, I know for a fact that I would have slapped HIM in the face as hard as I could so HE could see what it felt like. Yet at the same time, I can admit (from a rational POV) that such an action is even more abhorrent because I am an adult and should have better control of my emotions. Still, even though I know it is wrong, I also know that is exactly what would have happened. I also freely acknowledge that I would have to answer for any such action when I stand in Judgement before God after my death.

But as Heiro pointed out, I am simply acknowledging my own "animalistic" response to a threat or danger to my child. None of us are perfect, and I recognize my weakness (from a Christian POV) in this situation.
[/QUOTE]Fair enough, I thought that's what you'd say, and I guess most people are the same
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