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Believe me, Cerek, I was not criticizing or judging your actions in McDonalds. My thoughts were along the lines of what I'd do after reading them the riot act and everything else.

And I think I was one of those who mentioned that cruelty to animals like this is a sign of bad things to come, so I'm with you there.

I wish I knew the answer to how to make people care and respect others. I really wish I did. But I haven't found it yet, and I know that as I look at my kids, there's definitely an evolution that takes place as they grow up. They learn to appreciate things differently, and things that were "okay" last year now concern them. Perhaps there's a chance that they can grow out of it. And perhaps they won't.... that's why I said that in my mind, they've put themselves on a watch list. There goes the hand of Big Brother again...

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