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To put a nail in this coffin:

1. What level did this happen on?
Level Thirteen - Lake Of Shadows

2. What were you doing at the exact moment this bug/error showed up?
Fighting a Greater Aboleth, which for the record really and truly creeped me out.

3. Describe the error/bug/mistake:
Tried to fight an Elder Eye Tyrant. Turns out it was completely invisible and untouchable until it tried to bite me. This kind of error has happened before with other creatures. Now, the Elder Eye Tyrant stayed "invisible" during the entire encounter, even though my character was eventually able to "find" it and slay it. Maybe something was wrong with the animations for the Elder Eye Tyrant.

4. Is your character good or evil?
Lawful Neutral I believe. (Gaki No Dachi)
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