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*Eruna Was Meditating Behind A Log. He Had Been Sat There In Silence For About 2 Hours. Suddenly, He Heard A Noise From Down The Track To The East. Opening One Eye, And Peering Round The Side Of The Log, He Saw A Brightly Colourd Man Walking Up Towards Him. Had He Been Spotted? Was He Another Man Like The Ones Who Destroyed His Village? Hoping He Hadn't Been Seen, He Rolled To The Side, Quickly Stood Up And Propelled Himself To The Top Of A Near-By Tree. Kneeling On One Of The Branches And Trying To Stay Hidden, He Tucked His Wings In And Waited For The Man To Come Through So He Could Get A Closer Look*

OOC: Hey Billy. Ok, I'm Going To Post My Character Here, Just For Reference.

Name: Eruna Xilokerym
Race: Avariel
Allignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter/Mage
Level: 8 / 3

Str: 15
Dex: 21
Con: 11
Int: 12
Wis: 15
Chr: 15

Description: Eruna stands about 5"4 High and has long silver hair which stretches down to about his elbows. His wings are of a brilliant pure white and he has four black 'lines' running over his cheeks which come down towards his mouth from underneath his hair; Two on each side. Around his neck is a symbol to his god, Aerdrie Faenya. He is rarely seen without this on. He, like all Avariel, has a crushing fear of small spaces and suffers from serious Claustrophobia.

Languagues: Eruna speaks Fluent Auran, Common and Elven. Good Sylvan And Limited Draconic. He Also Knows A Small Amount Of Avariel Sign Language


Long Sword: ***
Small Sword: *


A Long Sword Made From Obsidan
A Small Dagger Made From Avariel Glassteel

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