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Half-Orc bounty hunter [img]smile.gif[/img]
Had em for a few weeks now and yes, the game is overwhelming. I am glad I picked half orc for being a bit-o rogue. Love the str modifier and dex. Rolled a natural 19 with a high con...didn't see the low dex til later. Of course I made changes =p with even more of a hit on my int and other minor stats(-1 con to add to dex and rerolled it).

Tried making a cavalier. Spent well over 45 minutes trying to get a good roll. Almost impossible. I always take points away from charisma for the str, dex, and con...can't do it for a cavie. Way way harder to do it right.

Proficient with katana, longsword, shortsword, and forgot last heh... either short bow or scimitar(don't really use either that much). Daggers just seemed weak - well I can't poison any blades so it just didn't seem right. I'll be kicking myself if there are good poisonous daggers to be found later in the game or the TOB exp.
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