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I will have to look into that tomorrow. What I will do is give a PC one artifact spell at a time and see what the effect is. I may only need to alter the last of the three PC records in the save game file.

As far as I can tell, the Stone Bless for Armor is unfortunately correct. I altered a save game to give Johne, the first PC, five spell books. He already had Artifact of Spirit. Then I made sure that he had at least 8 in all six spell skills. One book at a time he gained each of the five other artifact spells. My methodology was: visit the Temple and see what Blessings were available for armor and what were available for weapons. Then visit the Magic Shoppe and see what Enchants were available for armor and what were available for weapons. Then invoke another spellbook and repeat the above process: I was looking for any change in the available options.

By all means try this for yourself! Hex editing in spell books is easy, the first two places are the item numbers, see the first two columns below. Place 5 is the number 4. The name starts at place 11, see D6Item.dat for the exact spelling of the names.
4C 01 332 Book ArtifactOfSpirit
5D 01 349 Book ArtifactOfFire
63 01 355 Book ArtifactOfIce
7E 01 382 Book ArtifactOfVines
88 01 392 Book ArtifactOfStone
92 01 402 Book ArtifactOfFiends

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