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Originally posted by Bungleau:
I don't wanna freakin' talk about it! My daughter decided to have a friend over for a sleepover, and somehow, they finagled their way into watching two movies (starting an hour before bedtime... you know what's coming next!). They watched the first, but played with sewing stuff during the second (making me nervous, with all those little pins flying around). After they finally went to bed, I got a chance to get downstairs for my R&R, but ended up taking care of my work laptop (when it says the disk is in bad shape, you run scandisk and pray). By the time that was done and my home finance stuff (bills, etc.) was taken care of, it was so late that I couldn't get in any good gaming, so I took care of this week's expense reports. Another freakin' hour out of the way... and now it's ten to one in the morning, and in just six and a half hours, the little runts are going to be waking me up...

I'm heading over to the cafe, I think. I know where there's a bowl of everlasting M&Ms....

Other than that, things have been great!
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