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Default Re: BG2 Fixpack Released at G3

What's the controversy with firetooth dagger? I read that there's only 1 returning ax in the game, but I believe there's 2. The +3 from SoA and the +4 that knocks opponent back in ToB. What is "cheesed"?

What's the famous potion swapping exploits?

Are you suppose to be able to steal and sell fenced goods legally? Sounds like a cheat to me, but I did that before ever getting online and finding
real cheats to just avoid the long ritual of steal and sell.

I had "cheated" in some bags of holding for each of my characters to try and simplify the game a bit and then realized that each bag was essentially the same bag, but on each person. I'm guessing each in the game has a different item code so this shouldn't happen, but it's a nice byproduct allowing you to share items between each other without having to remember who is carrying what. Just look in the bag and it's there.

This is all new to me since I'm still going through for the first time so I'm learning. Lots of good info on this site that's clearing up things for me. Thanks for all the great help!
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