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I won't tell you what to make your character, that's your decision, there are no really 'bad' classes. But if you really want my opinion for an easy, fun game, here it is: make your character a neutral or evil fighter or thief class. Keep Jaheira, she's very useful as a druid. Minsc's pretty good. Once you're through with the first little parts of the game, get your NPCs. Korgan is the best fighter in the game, is a chaotic evil berserker, and spends his time in the Copper Coronet inn in the slums of Athkatla. Edwin is a lawful evil conjurer, the best mage in the game, but you can only get him during and after a quest for a thieves' guild. Viconia is a neutral evil cleric, the best cleric in the game (see a pattern here?). She's in the government district being persecuted because she's a Drow elf. Having a party made up of these people is very effective. A warning, though, Minsc and Edwin won't get along, so I usually replace Minsc with a gnome thief/illusionist named Jan Jansen. Anyway, good luck.