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Damned be I if I know..
This is probably one of the most difficult questions of all cause it affects your gameplay on a personal level. I suggest that you try to stay true to your alignment and it all depends on what character you play..
If you are a warrior type, take as many of the mages/druids/wizards you can and.. A thief is vital! Lots of nasty traps! Alot of them actually. Minsc is a preferable character since he is the funniest of them all! Jaheira is invoved in the storyline so start with her. The bounty Hunter you meet is also good to have along. Then the tough decisions starts. I like Aerie a cleric/mage, though a bit whiney, Keldorn a Paladin is always useful, some like Keldorn but he is evil so I stay away from him, Edwin also.. Viconica is good but well she is a drag to the party moral sometimes but though many of yu Npc´s thinks you should have her with you.. Mazzy is good if you want a good archer but is useless in closecombat, Anomen is a lousy cleric who wants to be a fighter of the Radiant heart.. There are though alot of sidequests and you can "toggle" your partymember as you go and can pick them up later, so you can have a NPC with you so you can complete the quest and then ditch them.
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