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Hey all, just got in to find my front door window smashed.
I thought I heard something bang last night against my door but when I opened the intersecting door to the front door I couldnt see anything I thought that someone was messing about with my letterbox thats why the dog was barking, and the bang had been a firework.
I was obviously wrong as its nicely smashed up, I didnt see it this morning as I go out the back door to college.
I wish id of noticed it smashed last night (god knows how I missed it!) so I could pelted shit outta the little fuckers who did it! Cant beleive that today kids think 'hey I know, lets smash someones front door, thats a laugh', the little bastards round where I live should be rounded up and shot, the twats only nick off school all day, drink on street corners, take drugs and cause trouble, they will never put antyhign worthwhile into society so heres hoping some vigilante squad takes it upon themselves to knock the little bastards over in their trucks
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