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Cloudy's Cafe

Come in, be welcome, be comfortable, be yourself

Welcome to Cloudy's Cafe, a place to have a cup of coffee or a good
darjeeling and the finest in conversation and camaraderie.

The proprietor asks that you follow a few simple guidelines:

this is a real conversation zone, not a role-play zone

* no flaming; if you disagree with a viewpoint expressed by any patron, please do so in a civil manner

* any topic is fair game, but keep posts to the standards that Ziroc has set for the entire forum, please (ie: foul language is not appropriate and things should be suitable for all audiences)
-a side note from Cloudy: I see this as a place for those short
conversations about a new baby or the latest soccer fiasco, not for things that are big enough to warrant their own threads, by all means give those things the space they need and post separately!

* Please, no one word or smiley posts (Ziroc has declared them 'real spam' and the proprietor doesn't want the reputuation of "good spam" to suffer!)

* do feel free to be serious or silly and enjoy the company of others while you are here. By all means POST if you have something to say, even to start another topic , we can handle multiple chats, we're a CAFE!!! But be courteous and don't disrupt a conversation just to disrupt it.

Come on in! The bar is stocked with coffees, teas, juices and waters from around the world. And purple napkins, of course!

The lighting is low, the golden oak counters and tables glow with inviting warmth. Near the window, the lighting is brighter, as comfy, plush leather armchairs wait for those who'd like to read a book while relaxing to music or just lazily watch the world go by.
"Don't take life for granted." Animal (may he rest in peace)
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