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Default Re: Coran BG2 NPC Released

That's a great question. The thing is, nearly each BG1 character has one really strong quirk: Xan's "we're all doomed", Kivan's stoic silence, Quayle's amazing brain, Tiax's world domination. For Coran it is risk-taking and, speaking plainly, womanizing. In short, everything in the post above. He is an adventurer and wanderer, with a good nature, but who is not above grabbing some gold. Just like with Xzar's/Edwin's/Viconia's dialogue in BG2, Coran will assume some prior contact, but you'll know more about him as you progress along the friendship track. He is from the forest of Tethyr, so he'll say something about that and about Suldanessellar.

And if you want a synopsis of BG1, it's provided at the beginning of BG2: Sarevok, a son of Bhaal, sought a war of sacrifice to prove his worth to become the next Lord of Murder, PC killed Sarevok and stopped the war. Coran joined PC with a business proposal at first(kill a wyvern, bring his head to the temple and get the bounty), but later on stayed as a friend. There might've even been some prior romantic relationship with a female PC: if the player chooses, Coran and PC can speak about that.

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