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Keep those rambling (yet honest) posts coming Griefmaker, and welcome to the forum [img]smile.gif[/img]

I like Troika too. Arcanum was very ugly by the time I got it, but not so ugly that it overshadowed what a cool rpg it was. I also stick up for ToEE, with limits. I'm a turn-based strategy freak, even in smaller scales like a DnD party. It really lets you, and the enemy, play the hand they were dealt properly and/or creatively.

I don't know how the vampire game is doing profit-wise, but it got RPG of the year from IGN I believe. Profit-wise, it seems all of us computer-gamers are easily outdone by even the most ill-conceived console game.

Was was the rumor control saying that they are or aren't shutting down? Just possibly? If it's possibly, then it sounds more like a rumor rather than rumor control lol.
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