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Happy Re: Boogre Bar VIII

Thanks. I actually handle death quite well- I always have, but it's sad when people don't live (by their own choices) well before they die.

We feel like we've hit the lottery with our little boy. He's very good natured, intelligent, and funny. He helped daddy with the yard work yesterday and today. Lots of fun!

I echo Wyv's sadness about your pooch, Bungleau. Depending on the breed, there's all kinds of "side effects" to specific breeding- heart problems, hearing, eyes, as well as other organs.

We're also planning a major remodeling project next year- kitchen, bathroom, and a multi- purpose bedroom. Sadly, my wife doesn't handle these things well at all. She hates having her space disturbed even for a future benefit like this. This is the biggest project for us yet. I'm looking forward to it... and I'm not...

Peace, Dr. Pick

p.s. Been reading Stackman's Adventures... laughed my fool head off when I read the part about the Leprechaun- especially since the Little People just offed the little pest!
The LORD gives and the LORD takes away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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