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Heh... sounds like you've been around a bit I got sucked into the world of Facebook and recently put an end to a year-long addiction to the Mafia. Fortunately, crappy coders and consistent game screw-ups make it easy to leave, even if you've got a well-developed character (or three ). Now I put an end to the existence of dragons, sea serpents, and other underworld beasties on a daily basis... some things are hard to escape

Condolences on your parents' passing... I haven't had that challenge yet, and don't look forward to it. But congrats on the heir to the family's fortune! Now, to make some fortune...

Wyv, the puppy is now five (I think), slightly smaller than a moose, and kept scrawny at 72 pounds. He's got bad hips (hip replacement at three... never again!), so we keep him skinnier than every other dog he knows... they're all smaller, and outweigh him

In the process of a major basement remodelling job... plumber is in today, finishing up the rough-in. Good thing I'm somewhat handy...
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