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As for me, Mr.B? I'd traipsed around the Isle of Vvardenfell for quite a while before heading into the heart of the Empire of Cyrodiil where I spent the past few years before getting the idea to come back "home" for a spell.

It's never looked better, and it's been a very pleasant surprise to find these boards have not been removed from lack of activity. Rare it is to see such an obscure game with such a dedicated community standing behind it. God bless Wyvern and you and whomever else have kept an eye on this little "cybernetic crossroad".

My dearly beloved wife has managed to put up with me for six years while we've been slowly improving on our little home, both of my parents have passed away, and God has entrusted us with a little boy who is now almost 2 1/2 yrs old and thriving in spite of our shortcomings. Those are just the major highlights, so to speak.

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