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Originally posted by Grojlach:
Actually, the Transformers soundtrack sounded a lot better in my nostalgic mind than when I actually heard it again after ten years or so. You've got the Touch was, like, epic to my 8 year old mind, but now it mostly sounds incredibly cheesy... Ah well, I guess that's how it goes with most things from one's youth. The comics are still great, though. [img]smile.gif[/img]
I agree some parts are cheesy, but that's part of the charm!

Still, a lot of the other songs are sutiably 80s rock-worthy and dark, though that could be my INCREDIBLE bias.

If you liked the original comics check out the new Dreamwave stuff, especially the trade paperbacks, good stuff!

Ah but I'm derailing the thread. I also dig the Bloodhound Gang, it's been ages since I heard the song! What's this...sounds like the Exorcist!

Everything happens for a reason.
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