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Originally posted by Lifetime:
Kaz, you dont know that war with another country will lead to WW3.
How else will America show that it will not be put under siege from another nation? Has there ever been such a direct attack on American soil? There has never been destruction on this scale and magnitude on the USA by another country!
I say go to war, mobilise the fleets and pound whichever nation or group that backed this attack into Middle Eastern dust!

What is this craziness, Lifetime? I'm very surprised to hear this from you. How do you know that Middle Eastern people are even responsible? Do you know something we don't? And how does that make the US better, if they attack and destroy a nation of innocent people? Are those innocent people's lives cheaper, more expendable than American lives?

It's this kind of inflammatory statement that breeds hate and misunderstanding. Mindless violence begetting mindless violence.

Find out who was responsible and bring them to justice by all means. Retaliate against THOSE FOUND TO BE RESPONSIBLE, by all means! This type of atrocity cannot go unpunished, and will not go unpunished, regardless of who is in office.

But to go off spouting hatred and violence against a group that you don't even know is responsible is insane.

I know emotions are heated right now, but be calm for God's sake! I don't even know if some of my friends who work in WTC are still ALIVE!!! and you don't hear me baying for the blood of the most convenient target.

Unless you meant your post as a sarcastic statement, in which case you forgot to use a smiley.


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