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Originally posted by Neb:
Maybe using snipers and small teams of elite soldiers would be just as effective? That way, you can also find such nice things at their camps as papers and reciepts(Maybe not reciepts) proving that they've been funded by some country or another, if they were funded by a country of course, but if such things ARE at their camps, then they would be hard to find after the camp has just been incinerated by 100 gallons of Napalm or 10 cruise missiles.

You won't find s*** at their camp aside from Swiss of Caiman Island bank accounts. Sure sending soldiers in can do the job but then, you have to worry about getting them in and retrieving them...

The beauty of smart weapons is that you can shoot it outside of the borders truly making it impossible to have your own personnel killed.

Another principle: "The aim of war is not to die for your country (or cause)... it's to make the other bastard die for his".

Another great advantage of this approach would be a rejuvinisation of the US economy: more weapon stock being used = more weapons being needed = more jobs!

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