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Originally posted by Ryanamur:
I know that. But you didn't read my post correctly... go after them... if they're having tea at gramma's house, BOOM, no more gramma's house! It's not simple, it's not ethical, it's not done overnight. It's guerrila warfare, it's not pleasant but that's the only way that this war can be won.

The way I see it: if 25 innocent civilian are killed because of a missile attack in Afganistant, that's too bad but it was worth it if you killed the terrorist. Plus, you might also kill other terrorists in the attack. It's sad, it's completely unethical but that's the way it is.

You have to play by there rules if you want to win. As far as they are concerned, civilians are just as an opportunistic target as the speaker of the house (the President of the US is in a different category)
And thats exactly how you get your next generation of terrorists and the people who will help them.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:


Start killing innocent civilians and you are as bad as the terrorists, period. You lose all credability, all humanity and invite more attacks on yourself. In the end it just makes matters worses: it might satisfy a blood lust but it ain't right!

Fear? I know not the meaning of the word. And you can keep that dictionary away from me!
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