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Ironworks Forum Re: Dragon Age 2 (Rant included, PG)

Originally Posted by robertthebard View Post
There are, however, people that would disagree with you. I'm not a big follower of either Smallville, or Superman in general. However, in the example I gave above, there were very heated debates between people that hated Alistair, for example here, and people that didn't. It's not that I disliked Alistair as a character, but more that I didn't like him as a person. I found him to be whiney, deceitful and childish. These are not traits that I would commonly assign to a character in a video game. These traits were brought home to me in a female PC run through, where, after his deceit about his lineage was revealed, he laid the blame on my character's feet, instead of owning it himself. The disdain that I held for him then holds true to this day, while I'm goofing off playing at DA: O again until I can get DA 2.
So basically, there are people who hate him because he "betrayed" them in-game. As in, if he had not done this, they would still like him. Yeah, they are fans of him - sometimes known as fanboys. They like to hate him and are very into it etc. But, then there are people who just think he is a shitty character and has no business in a game, like me. People who feel the game would be better without him.

This is the distinction here. To say that the latter group of people deep-down actually like this character and that this speaks about how interesting and depthful he is, would not be true. They are not fans complaining about a twist in the plot. They are enemies.

It reminds me of that whole team Edward vs. team Taylor thing in Twilight. Teen girls arguing about who they love and hate, yet given the choice, they would not remove either because that's what makes the movie. They just a chance to talk about the characters and debate whether a vampite or wolf would be their dream date. (Personally, i'd slay them both and be done with it).
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