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Ironworks Forum LIVE streaming starting Baldur's Gate 3 Oct 11th 11am EST (and for weeks to come!!)

Baldur's Gate 3 (EA) - 1440p HD | The King of CRPG's is BACK!!

I'll be livestreaming Baldur's Gate 3 on Youtube in 2K Resolution with a friend from Ironworks -- a few actually! If you'd like to join us next week, Co-op allows for up to 4 players I believe in BG3.

All you need is a good/ok mic, Discord (like teamspeak) and BG3

I'll be live at 11am-11:15 EST in a min.... Sunday here. starting fresh--creating a character!
The official Ironworks Youtube Channel is:

My Steam ID is: ziroc_ironworks

My Discord is: Ziroc#2529 (And I'll add you to the friends list)

I'd love to see you there! Subscribe to get notifications on your Phone or PC! I'll be playing a lot of BG3 and then Cyberpunk 2077 in a month or so... If you want to play with our IW group, just PM me.
You just need Discord and a mic and um.. the game on steam

Hope to see you on,

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