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Thanks to you all for your replies !

Wyvern: I thought i made myself clear. Read my post again. Btw, after i left the forum and started up the game again,
i immediately clicked on my paladin's lvlup and whoosh! received 13 hp's. Ain't that rich ?

Kate: I doubt it will level out. If i accepted all 1st rolls of my fighter/paladin, he'd have an average of 3 hp's
per lvl by now. I too don't go for max hp's , just want a reasonable amount. Yeah, that would be a nice option for
all RPG's (max out). Yep, intelligence works. Thought so too.

skywalker: You don't need the stragey guide for that information. It's also provided in the readme. Don't care for
ability points myself -that is after i've reached the stats for a desired Elite Role. You can train some of them, too.

jdawg: Great post ! Thanks a bunch ! This sheds some light on this dubious matter. But it's not at all like wiz7. There, you could bet your ass your fighter/Lord would get an average of 9 hp's/lvl, even with a constitution (fortitude) lower than 18. Of course re-rolling that much is a waste of time. I still don' like the sytem.
Just what i suspected : Bad design and shoddy programming. It's frustrating and patronizing the player: "Oh dear, WE know best how many hp's a 10th lvl Samurai should us." Well, i don't. Consider this: If they want a character to have a certain amount of hp's at a certain lvl, why "roll" at all ? Why not use fixed values, then ? Why add this stupid, redundant code ?

To all: Just so you know, i'm not a hp-fetishist. I know the RPG-chores all too well to understand even a titanic amount won't save your ass somtimes. But nearly every goddamn time at lvlup facing the bleak grin of 1 measly hp makes me sick !
It haunts me in my dreams ! Aaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa !


Aah, that's better. Just gulped a stiff drink. Like i said in my starting post, they took out the fun/reward. The way i
see it, Heuristic Park whacks me over the head for buying/playing their game. So far, this game is big fun too me, but
this feature really adds a sour taste.