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Hi, y'all
In more than a decade of gaming, i haven't seen a more disturbing hitpoints generator than in W&W. Most of the time
1 hp, regardless. Ok, i started the game anew and spent hours in the character generator giving most of the party
a fortitude of 18. But still... Listen, you don't put values from 1..n in a RPG. Characters DO get 12 hp's - but
what a hassle ! (I just spent an hour reloading my paladin's lvlup - and i'm not talking about "primary" elite lvls).
Here's an example how to do it right:
Say, a male Paladin, human, fortitude 18. Gets 8 to 12 hp's. Always at least 8. 9 with a 80% chance. 10 -70% chance.
11 - 60% chance. 12 - 50% chance. Other characters accordingly. Mages traditionally have half the hp's of the fighter
class, thieves 70-80%. Race/class bonus or penalty should be fixed values (+1, -1..). But in W&W its totally mixed-
my female pixie wizard has got more hp's than my fem. elven wizard ! Whoever wrote that code should be boiled in
dung oil!(w7 pun intended). Whatever heuristic park intended (if anything..)- they only managed to take out the fun
of one of the most rewarding experiences in an RPG: Levelling up characters. Could this be improved in a patch ?
(P.S. No, i don't want to cheat- no fun to me)