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Character 1
Character name: Walker Dee
Alignment: Good
Intended classes:
3)Champion of Torm
Comments on character background:

Once a plain ole warrior, Walker joined the church and now fights for the good of all. He is drawn to Undermountain for the sheer amount of available evil to destroy.

Character 2
Character name: Kaya Flame
Alignment: Neutral
Intended classes:
3)Dragon Disciple

Comments on character background:

Kaya has sought the challenge of UM to increase her marital skills and further her understanding of the Dragon within. One day she may yet sing as a bard again, but anyone who has heard her earlier work hopes she keeps her day job.

Kaya is a master with the rapier and favor's the defensive bonus of a shield over the attack benifits of dual-welding. Kaya also has been known to wield a two-handed scythe or use a mace and shield. Her companions can always count on her to have a wide range of potions and scrolls on hand to augment her melee prowess.

Kaya's hair is as red as her name and as fiery as her temperment. Her favorite taunt while engaging opponents is "Bring it on!"

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