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nevyn awakened from his tiny sleep.
"oh oh, what`s happening here"?
he got a pillow in his face,
"dam, that hurt, who casted it"?
he saw that a wizzie had casted hold person on the bartender so he lost his pillow
the mage started summoning a pit fiend.
Nevyn hastly casted
MAGIC MISSILE to break of the spell, HIT, late.
A horrible pit fiend was summoned to the bar.
Nevyn didn`t have time for the fiend,
he realiced that the enemy mage was casting magic missile on him.
SPELL DEFLECTION, the spell rebound and was going after the caster.
Nevyn was tired and casted
IMPRISONMENT, the mage was gone.
The fiend was still in the bar, but Nevyn gave him to someone else.

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