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Lord Shield

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Originally posted by Deddard:
Jan walks in and drops a smelly one.
Oops - Turnips!!
Some of the Wizards end up in the bar from outside. Cheesy crushes one between his great fists.
Tiddles' teeth extend to LONG fangs and he chomps straight through the groin of another one (the expression on his face is priceless)
Lord Shield calmly walks up to one and touches him. He drops like a rock, unconscious. Another wizard blasts LS with a Lightning Bolt. LS appears to absorb the bolt, his eyes crackle and it strikes the casting wizard magnified. One fissioned wizard!!
Melusine flits around and, approaching another 2 wizards, pulls their underpants over their heads

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is pimp