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In the june 2004 issue of PC World magizine, that I got a week ago you can find an add for sony Vaio Computers.

The PCV-RS500C $699.00 or just $18.00 a month.
Intel Celeron Processor at 2.4GHz
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.
80GB hard drive (7200rpm)
256MB DDR at 333MHz
DVD-ROM & CD-RW Drives
128MB ATI-RADEON 9200 Graphics Card
Stereo Speakers
Sony Vaio Creation Suite Standard Software Package
1-Year Limited Warranty

Also ckeck E-Bay There are alot of Computers for sale.
I bought A Pent4 2.2GHz with 512MB DDR, ATI 9600XT, two 60GB hard drives, DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive, Windows XP Pro with SP-1
+ other accessories and programs. Bidding started at $1.00 and after 7 days I won the bidding for only $689.00 and shipping only cost me $48.00 so check With E-Bay. This is the 4th computer I Have bought from E-bay and now I'll resell it for about $1500.00.
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