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Default Re: Any good Mods yet.

Originally Posted by Jorath Calar View Post
Anyway. I was just wondering if you guys knew of any mods for this game that doesn't change the gameplay but tell a good story. All mod sites i find seem to focus on "fixing" the game... which I just take as the mod creator is a lousy gamer who cheats... (not realy but...).
It has been a long tradition here(IW) that the policy concerning mods is "you pays your money and takes your pick." There are people who like to powergame and like mods that 'assist' this desire. So we refrain from calling them cheaters (BTW, who are they cheating? The game has no multiplayer.) and just say they "took their pick."

As to content mods, those might be pretty hard to do. In other RPG's the dialog comes up in a window and doesn't make heavy use of cutscenes. Content is probably easier to provide in a window when all you need to provide is text. Almost all dialog in this game involves a cutscene, which means content modders would have to get involved in video editing, or make their content work within the current cutscenes. This may also be technically illegal and violate EA's DRM.

The game does need some, ahem, 'fixing'. My particular whine is about the game forcing you to have, or be, a thief. That means I like the Bash mod.
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