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All Hakpaks in 3 files now - Easy to Download!

I have packed up all the Massive hakpak files, along with all the patches up to v1.3 (current patch) as well as the Arnaden hakpak in three files that are around 300MB each. This is all you will need to play EFU (except for CEP, which is a separate download, which most players have already).

I also updated the readme file, and added some back history of EFU:

This will make it easier for people to snag the files, and get into the game. Be sure to read the text file that comes with the files. I tells you exactly how and where to put each and every file. Some files go in the MUSIC dir, and one goes into the TLK dir.

I plan on releasing another small patch in a Month maybe. Simply to fix a few things, mainly bugs we found, and tileset door issues. Stuff like that. I'm focused now on MAKING levels in the toolset now. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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