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Originally posted by Chewbacca:
Sorry to hear that! I didnt know if Ziroc had officially made the shift to SOU. I got in a little while ago, but my PC crashed after about 1/2 hour. I may try again, but starting solo is getting kinda redundant, so I may wait until another set-time gathering and try to finish SOU instead. SOU is awesome so you probably won't regret buying it at all!

Cya later
Yeah, I finally decided to run the SoU server.. Since many areas in the World will have SoU released July 4th-ish, so It's ready.

Games like this, that are heavy on the multi-player aspect, they should release an add-on all at once.. It's not fair for Europe to have to wait an extra Month to get it, all the while, watching all the servers go to SoU. That is why I waited as long as I could before changing over..

Anyway, can't wait to see ya in the Water well! [img]smile.gif[/img] When you get the Add-on, join on in, and the drinks are on the house!
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