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Arrrrgh! The drawbridges in the Skull Castle! I count them to the most hated devices in the game! They even best the carousel in Collasium [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img]

You can bypass the nonsense completely here is how:

1. Get all parts of the bridges back down by all levers "down".
2. Jump into the water and swim to the bridge (which is now down) leading to the north.
3. Jump on the bridge. It's possible. Swim to the bottom of the basin and orient yourself "diagonally up" to the bridge. Swim "forward". You will get out of the water and "jump" above the water level slightly. It's enough to get on the bridge.
4. Go to a chain near the exit from the bridge and "jump-run" it. Therefore, look up, press the "run" and "forward" keystrokes and, now, press the "jump" keystroke repeatedly. You will climb the chain. Leave the chain once you reach the exit above you. It needs a bit of skill but it is not too difficult.
5. Now, you are in the north part of the dungeon. Go to the levers there and click all three of them. All parts of the drawbridge will go up. Your problems will be gone [img]smile.gif[/img]
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