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Happy DosBox Configuration File

DosBox documentation file is DOSBox 0.74 Manual.txt, which should be found in the main directory.
Towards the end, you will find the following:
13. The configuration (options) file:
(ignoring irrelevant lines...)
(Windows) "Start/WinLogo Menu"->"All Programs"->DOSBox-0.74->Options

"All Programs", in Windows 10 it will be called "All apps". Click on the down arrow next to DOSBox-0.74. Click on the "DOSBox-0.74 Options" line.

Here is a worked example of the Universal Game Editor being permamently mounted, so it starts whenever DosBox starts. This text is put at the very end of the configuration file:
# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
MOUNT C C:\OldGames
cd C:\UGE10

UGE10 is the folder name. Change directory command is represented by cd. UGE is the name of the program.
(Create a folder called OldGames and put the UGE10 folder there. I assume the use of UGE10 for the UGE folder name.)

For those who are not familiar with DosBox: the configuration file is called "dosbox-0.74.conf", omit quotes. It is found at a place like this:

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