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Originally posted by Ares:
Kaleban, I salute you. I could never play a D&D game correctly if my life depended on it. How you keep in char during a single player game on a comp, is beyond me. Must be cause he is near the Twin Cities...

LOL! A suburb actually of the Cities, so there is even less going on than you may think! Thanks for the salute, my personal feelings are that if you pick up a CRPG, and don't stay in character, you cheat yourself out of the experience. Even when I played Diablo II, I grunted along with my Barbarian, and laughed maniacally with my Necromancer!

To stay in character is actually not too difficult if you know what to do. The first time you play a CRPG, play your "alter-ego", the type of character you most closely identify with. Then, each subsequent game, at least for me, it seems easier to "get into character" and I take a lot of my play style from movies and books which can add flavor to any game.

For example, my favorite Bladesinger archetype is a Chaotic Neutral Albino Elf. Any fans of Michael Moorcock will know exactly who I am talking about. CN as an alignment is my interpretation of his actions and choices within the scheme of his environment.
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