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Default Re: WOW - Who's be You's?

copied from previous post to update -

Bloodscalp EU.

Ultemicia - Level 70 Undead Affliction Warlock (42/0/19). 1.1k shadow damage self buffed (not inc. other players buffs or any potions). 1.2k raid buffed, can hit 1.4k + shadow damage with my own procs. Currently raiding SSC and the Eye. Have 4/5 T4 (damn chest).

And got Lurker on farm now, Void Reaver on farm also. Downed Morogrim Tidewalker for the first time last night.

Ratenu - Level 51 Tauren Warrior (soon to be 70 pvp toon), Bloodscalp EU

Bolajin - Level 19 Troll Rogue, Bloodscalp EU

Lavindathar - Level 20 Blood Elf Paladin, Bloodscalp EU

Ruetan - Level 11 Tauren Druid, Bloodscalp EU

Tungusic - Level 11 Orc Shaman, Bloodscalp EU
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