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Well this forum seems to have had its last post in 2008. I'm going ahead and post on my journey in BG1EE here. if there is another place I should post, please advise.

So I've had the opportunity to play BG1 several times but never made it past the Nashkel mines since something would always come up and I wouldn't be able to spend the time on the game. With the BG1EE, I've made it till Scar in the city of BG and I'm still soldiering through. I am kind of cheating as I am following a walkthrough but in the interest of finishing the game at least once, I think it is a fair trade.

Anyway, I noticed something funny, I'm not able to force several locks on chests despite a 18 STR score. These are chests that contain good loot and I was wondering if it was a bug and if there is a workaround.

Thoughts anyone?
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