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Solo Warrior: Missy Hissy's Adventures

The previous official thread is here...
No really... it's here!

A long, long time ago, I started playing a solo warrior, largely because the current belief in the forum was that it would be the hardest possible game. I've since changed my opinion, but while playing that solo warrior, better known as Missy Hissy, I went from simply reporting events to telling a story. And the story kept growing, and growing... and growing...

It took almost 18 months to complete the story. Certainly the game was done much earlier, but the actual story, the documentation of what happened... that took longer. And without bsftcs and Stackman's party, it probably would have taken forever... for that, I am eternally grateful.

Much of what happens in the story is factual, and intended to be a semi-walkthrough (although not as thorough as Stackman's adventures). Somewhere along the way, Missy Hissy came to life, and the whole plot line about Kerah and Missy's dad... well, they just suggested themselves. So don't go looking for them in the game...

When I get time, I'll format this properly to reflect all the chapters and the intermingling with Stackman's adventures. Until then, bear with me... and enjoy your reading.
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