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Heh, sorry for smiling - right where my last post said you were likely to find trouble. This one had me stuck for a long time, and the first time I used the forum for help. There is supposed to be a way of running through the first fire, leaping the second (because it shuts the door) and getting through. I was a total dismal failure at this. One thing I would like to try is to stroll through the first fire and stop short of the second. Now stare lovingly at the sky above the door you want to go through and press shift + forward arrow + 0/Ins to jump. Should be able to jump very high and clear the healing fire, then may be able to just walk out. I hope you will test this for me and tell me if it works. The answer I got, and the only solution that is relatively foolproof is this. I went back to a storeroom, and with my lead character I picked up a chest. Doing this from end on gives the best results as the chest sticks further out in front of you. Now when you run through the area, as the door slams down it hits this chest poking out in front of you and bounces back up. It'll probably come back down on your 5th or 6th character for a couple of points of crush damage, but you can shrug that off. Good luck.
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